My name’s Chris.

I’ve played guitar as a hobby since before I had pubic hair. That’s well over a year ago.

A few times over the years, I’ve attempted to record the music I’ve written, but was never very serious about it. Then, in 2009, my wife encouraged me to buy some decent home recording studio equipment, and I decided I would finally work at producing my first album.

This blog is meant to chronicle the process of working on my first album, from rough drafts of songs, to the lyric writing process, to how I’m recording. I hope to update it with sound clips, videos, and whatever else seems relevant to share along the way.

secretidentitycrisis has been the handle I’ve used on the internet for over a decade, and since I already had the domain name, it seemed like as good a name as any for my music project.

I originally hoped to have an album ready by October of 2010, but, after realizing just how little I know about recording, and how time consuming it actually is, I decided to give myself more time to learn and refine things, and have reset the goal for the fall of 2011.

Thanks for joining me on the ride.



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